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Aggtrans carries Washed Gravel products for a wide variety of applications. Washed Gravel is available by the bag or truckload

Washed Gravel

Washed gravel has a wide variety of uses including roofing, drainage, landscaping projects, driveways, playgrounds, concrete and asphalt projects, and more. Our washed gravel products are available by the bag or truckload. Please notice: all size ranges are nominal size ranges only and not to be considered exact.

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Due to the nature of our earth's products: color, exact sizing, and special characteristics cannot be guaranteed. Please be aware of computer monitors and desktop printers when selecting colors whereas they may appear different from the actual.

Nominal Size Ranges Only

Washed Pea Gravel:  ⅛" — ½"

# 57 Washed Gravel:  ½" — 1½"

# 2 Washed Gravel:  ¾" — 2½"

Local River Gravel:  2" — 4"