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Screened Topsoil
SHA Bio Retention Soils
MDE Soils

Aggtrans produces Screened Topsoil at its facility in Hanover, MD (near BWI airport). This product is produced over a 1/2" screen and is sold in bulk by the ton only. Screened Topsoil is tested several times each year and meets the MD-SHA requirements. If you have a requirement for a richer blend of Topsoil, may we suggest our: 50/50 Topsoil Mix, consisting of: 50% Screened Topsoil & 50% Leafgro. Topsoil color, moisture and texture consistency cannot be guaranteed. NOTE: This product is sold as is. No returns or refunds are permitted.

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Custom Soil Mixes

Aggtrans can produce many variations of Custom Soil Mixes including Bio-Retention Soil Mixes (SHA Approved). Whether your needs are one load or one hundred loads. Just submit your custom soil mix specifications, quantity requirement, delivery location and projected time of use in writing to our estimating department. Fax to: 410-766-2002 or email:

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  • Topsoil/SHA
  • Bio Retention Soil Mixes/SHA
  • MDE B.4.1 Planting Soil
  • MDE B.3.2 Planting Soil
  • Ball Diamond Infield Mix
  • Custom Soil Mixes
  • Core Trench Clay
  • Fill Materials
  • Select and Common Fill
  • Organic Compost
  • Pine Fines
  • Stalite (Lightweight Agg)
bio-retension soil

Ball Diamond / Infield Mix

Aggtrans supplies infield mix for Baseball Stadiums

Ball diamond mix is a processed material consisting of sand, silt and clay. It is generally used to create or restore infields, pitching mounds, softball and baseball fields. Ball diamond mix provides a field with good drainage, stability, wear resistance and firm traction. Aggtrans supplies ball diamond infield mix to schools, parks and ball fields in the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia areas.

Click HERE for Ball Diamond Mix Spec Sheet

Sand mixture for Pitching Mounds We supply Infield Mix for baseball and softball parks Aggtrans supplies ball diamond infield mix to ball fields in the Mid-Atlantic region Get better traction with our infield mix

Compost MD Approved

Aggtrans delivers bulk compost anywhere
  • Bulk deliveries anywhere
  • 25-30cy per load
  • High organic content
  • Black-Brown in color
  • Screened to 3/8" size

Aggtrans delivers bulk compost anywhere.
Call 1-888-766-4242 for more information.

Soil Amendments LeafGro increases organic and moisture content

Aggtrans carries a full line of Soil Amendments as follows:

  • Compost: Leafgro, Orgro, Compro - General soil conditioner, increases organic and moisture content
  • Pine Fines: General soil conditioner & ground cover
  • Washed Sand: Adds texture for additional drainage and less dense soil
  • Stalite-Expanded Shale: (Lightweight Aggregate) Used for drainage,lightweight soil mixes and improved nutrient distribution
  • Agricultural-Lime: Use to sweeten the soil or increase the ph value
  • Clay: Increases the soil structure, helps to retain moisture
  • Mulch: Ground cover & helps to retain moisture
  • Wood Chips: Ground Cover & helps to retain moisture
  • Playground Wood Chips: Protective Ground Cover for Playgrounds

Additional amendments are available upon your request.

For pricing and more information on soil amendments call: 1-888-766-4242

Fill Materials

Fill Materials

Aggtrans has fill material for just about any residential or commercial project. Aggtrans is a leading supplier of fill dirt, select fill, sandy clean fill, backfill, common borrow fill and screened sand in the MD, DC, VA area. Aggtrans has supplied fill materials to many area projects including business & industrial parks, highways, landfills, high rises, stadiums, airports, shopping centers, housing and various other projects for over 30 years.

Fill Materials can be used to fill holes and depressions or change the grade or elevation of land. Fill materials are often used in landscaping and hardscaping projects to create a base for other materials used in ponds, waterfalls and rock structures. Here is a partial list of the Fill Materials we carry:

  • Select Fill
  • Fill Dirt
  • Backfill
  • Sandy Clean Fill
  • Common Borrow Fill
  • Screened Sand
  • RC-6 Recycled Crusher Run
  • Core Trench Clay
Last Update: 03/20/2019

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Aggtrans accepts all major credit cards


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