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Boulders and Large Rocks

Picture of a boulder wall
Boulder Wall

For thousands of years, boulders and large rocks have been used around the world to defend fortresses, palaces and various high profile buildings and property.

In today's world, security boulders and boulder walls are still used to defend perimeters but also block vehicular traffic while still providing a natural, environmentally friendly barrier to unwanted intruders. Other uses for boulders and big rocks include: Erosion Control, Security, Storm Water Management, Swales, Gabion Baskets, Stream Restoration, Rip Rap (Class I–IV) and Imbricated Rip Rap Shoreline Protection.

Aggtrans sells, delivers and places large rocks and boulders wherever you need them. Whether its one boulder or a truckload of boulders, we have the equipment to deliver and place boulders on any construction site. We deliver anytime and anywhere, give us a call at: 1-888-766-4242 © 2017
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